Why did we start The Grannie Project?

Grannie Kate staning in the afternoon sunKate taking one of her "walkabouts" around her home. She always walked slowly, as if taking in each sight, each scent to remember it forever. That spirit is one The Grannie Project uses to help others.

We did it for one reason - because love never grows old. As humans, we spend many hours and much money fighting the aging process. But animals… they don’t resist it. In fact, they thrive in it. They know there is dignity in growing old, and with it comes peace, understanding, wisdom and tranquility. We can learn a lot from our senior animals. The Grannie Project believes this whole-heartedly. It’s why we work so hard to advocate for, rescue, and then rehome senior pets.

We also encourage pet owners to responsibly plan for the future care of pets after they, as caretakers, are gone. Too many senior pets end up in kill shelters simply because their owners didn’t plan ahead. Don’t know how to get started? It’s easy… just ask us for a few hints.

Spay and neuter is another topic we advocate for on a regular basis. Seniors don’t stand a chance in a shelter where kittens are coming in by the armload. It’s why we pull as many as we possibly can. Please get involved in a local spay and neuter program. This will help the cats that are already here have a better chance at life.

Who we are.

We are a small rescue located in Southeastern, PA working exclusively out of a network of foster homes. Generally, we are aware of many more senior pets that need homes than we are able to officially take in. If you are looking for a senior pet, but don’t happen to fall in love with one on our website or Petfinder list, please drop us a line. We may be able to help you find that special someone!

Juliet wearing a bumble bee hatBumble bees, or bumblies, were one of Juliet's favorite things. Because of her, and her sister Kate, more than 80 senior pets have been saved since March 2011.

How we are funded.

We are an official 501(c)(3) organization funded entirely by private donations. This means we need your help! The majority of the funds we take in are utilized for veterinary visits for seniors in our care. The initial vet visit for a new intake can run a couple hundred dollars, depending whether the pet came from a shelter or is a private surrender. After veterinary care, we must provide these dear elder cats with food, shelter and supplies. Please donate if you can, because every little bit helps!

You can help

The donations of generous individuals like you make all the difference in the life of senior pets. We can’t do what we do, without your help. Thank you.

Further Reading

The Grannie Project would like to thank our special friends for their kind support.

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